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Lithuania Demo Team selection criteria


Welcome to the Lithuania Demo Team Selection Criteria section. These criteria are essential for selecting candidates who will represent the team. We evaluate various factors to ensure that our team members bring the right skills and qualities to the table.

Section 1 : Instructor Ranking

  • Instructors’ ranking, especially in ski analysis and teaching, forms the basis of selection.
  • Other factors like international experience and language skills are also considered.
  • The highest certification level achieved in Lithuania since 2018 is relevant for selection.

Section 2: Additional Criteria

[1] Presentation "Short Lecture"

  • Simulated presentation on what LSIA can bring to ski teaching.
  • Candidates will answer questions about their potential contributions.
    Individual task.

[2] Synchronized Skiing and Choreography

  • Prepare a synchronized skiing routine for 4 skiers.
  • Final routine, technical execution, and teamwork are evaluated.
    Team task.

[3] Introducing a Colleague ("Small Talk")

  • Motivational discussions in pairs.
  • Introduce a colleague on camera and explain why they should join the team.
    Individual task.

[4] Preparation of an "On-Snow Workshop"

  • Create and present an “on-snow workshop” on an LSIA teaching concept.
  • Emphasis on communication and the final workshop idea.
    Team task.

[5] Mutual Evaluation Among Candidates

  • Candidates anonymously recommend colleagues for team membership.
  • Self-evaluation is considered by the selection committee.

Section 3: Evaluation Process

  • Each criterion is scored or assessed by the selection committee.
  • Decisions are made based on a comprehensive evaluation.
  • Notification timeline will be provided.
Contact Information

For inquiries or clarifications related to the selection criteria, please contact us at []

Press on the icon to access the detailed Selection Process for the Lithuania Demo Team 2023 (Period 2023-2027)

Lithuania demo team 2023-2027

Tomas Mical

Alpine Trainer / Examiner

Jiri Nohejl

Alpine Trainer / Examiner

Ieva Urbonaviciute-Purkene

Alpine Trainer / Examiner

Jana Nohejlova

Alpine Trainer / Examiner