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LSIA’s Remarkable participation in interski 2023 congress: elevating lithuania’s skiing worldwide

The Lithuanian Snowsports Instructors Association recently had the privilege of representing Lithuania at the prestigious INTERSKI 2023 Congress, held in Levi, Finland, from March 26 to 31, 2023. This momentous event marked a significant milestone in the organization’s journey to elevate Lithuania’s presence on the international skiing stage. Lithuania’s Skiing Showcase Participating in INTERSKI 2023 was a transformative experience for LSIA. It provided a platform to engage with the global skiing community, learn from renowned ski instructors, and foster connections that would lead to long-lasting collaborations. The LSIA delegation had the unique opportunity to not only present Lithuania’s skiing and snowboarding ideas and educational system during the indoor lectures and on-snow workshops but also participate in ski performances (show and demo runs) alongside representatives from other nations. For the first time in history, Lithuania made its mark on the skiing… Read More »LSIA’s Remarkable participation in interski 2023 congress: elevating lithuania’s skiing worldwide

Ieva’s inspiring journey and the LSIA

Levi, Finland – March 10, 2023. A Glimpse into the Past, Present, and Future of Lithuanian Snowsports At the recent Interski 2023 event held in Levi, Finland, I had the privilege of delivering an indoor lecture that delved into Lithuania’s snowsports history and the incredible growth of the Lithuanian Snowsports Instructors Association (LSIA). The audience at this prestigious event was in for a treat as I shared fascinating insights into the world of snowsports, including Lithuania’s unique history in snowsports. A Journey into Lithuania’s Snowsports History The lecture began with a captivating journey into Lithuania’s snowsports history, a story marked by passion, determination, and an unyielding love for skiing. As a nation with no towering mountains, Lithuania’s snowsports enthusiasts have relied on their creativity and resourcefulness to develop a vibrant skiing culture. I shared stories about Lithuania’s first ski tracks,… Read More »Ieva’s inspiring journey and the LSIA

Feel Free to Relax

Last season we dedicated this article series to proper ski technique and myths surrounding it. This year we will focus more on your own skiing and we will discuss common mistakes and problems we encounter on ski slopes. Since last year we know that skiing begins from the head, or more precisely the mind, and therefore in the first article of this season we will look closely how fear is influencing our ability to control our skis effectively. We will point two common mistakes caused by being afraid. Fear in the head, tension in muscles and unbalanced stance. Skiing is fun. However every one of us was in an uncomfortable situation in which we didn’t feel comfortable and our fear prevented us to take the next step on the road to improvement. These situations often have the same origins. Simply… Read More »Feel Free to Relax