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Contemporary Skiing Technique and Teaching

What is your skiing goal, desire or dream? What is the thing you are working on in your own skiing throughout the season? Maybe you are good skiers who ALREADY FOR MANY SEASONS carves white slopes with ease, but nevertheless you are asking yourself a question: “how my skiing can be improved?” and “where I can push it further?” If your answer is “yes”, the following article, in which we will introduce the concept of contemporary skiing defined by Lithuanian Snowsports Instructor Association is intended for you. Contemporary approach to a turn on skis has many features and characteristics, however, the most important of them all is its shape. Our most desired goal while cruising down the hill should be continuous turns in the shape of a letter “S”, rather than those of a letter “Z”. Most basic rule of… Read More »Contemporary Skiing Technique and Teaching

The Magic of Dynamic Balance

In the last episode of this article series we started form the head, or to be more precise from the mind, and we have shown that understanding plays a key role in learning efficient ski technique. This time we will focus more closely on one of the essentials of skiing fundamentals – correct balanced stance on skis. How do we stand? Or are we moving? Often we hear the term “basic skiing position” which gives the impression that it is something stable, static and immobile. Moreover claiming that we are trying to build up this position while skiing and by establishing it we will find ourselves in stable balance emphasize this impression about static character of skiing alignment even more. But is this really true? Let’s try to find together the answer to the question whether we should stand properly… Read More »The Magic of Dynamic Balance