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From Olympic Ski Racer to LSIA Ski Instructor

Written by Ieva Jan (former Lithuanian Alpine Ski Racer and Olympian and LSIA Level 1 Ski Instructor) I have always thought why I chose alpine skiing as my sport knowing that I live in the country that you can easily call flatlands. It was a very bumpy road, but it went from being a skier who goes to ski on holidays to an Olympic skier and now it seems like it was a very normal transition. In 2005 I joined a newly founded ski club in my hometown Vilnius and that’s were I learned to ski in gates. Soon I started expanding my horizons racing around in Europe. At the beginning, it was not easy psychologically and result-wise, but it got better with years passing and experience. What has started as a fun activity with a group of friends, became… Read More »From Olympic Ski Racer to LSIA Ski Instructor